Nexcomm System’s TrackPoint Mobile cellular tracker and sensor hub is a small, cellular gateway designed for outdoor tracking and sensing applications. It uses an integrated GNSS receiver and reports its location through a CAT-M1 cellular modem. Dallas 1-Wire and one input give it the ability to connect to sensors for live monitoring of equipment.

The Trackpoint Mobile has a single input that can be one of three types. The first type is either a resistive input, such as level or float sensors. The second type is a pulse input that pulls the line low and releases it, such as flow meters. This line has an internal pull-up to power the input. The third type is a differential input that accepts Wein bridge style sensors, such as vacuum or pressure sensors.

The CAT-M1 cellular modem gives the TrackPoint Mobile a longer range than traditional CAT-4 modems. This is beneficial for tracking items in remote and rural areas where cellular signal is low. The CAT-M1 also offers lower power consumption, providing longer battery life.

A primary battery operates the TrackPoint Mobile for as much as three years or more, depending on the report rate and number of GPS locks. Alternatively, a solar recharged battery enables much more frequent reporting and GPS locks without needing to replace batteries or service the units. This eliminates the need for local power at the installation site, making installation and moving the device to different equipment easy.

The TrackPoint Mobile cellular tracker and sensor hub is housed in a rugged outdoor rated enclosure and can easily be white labeled. It can report to Nexcomm servers or to a customer’s existing cloud services. This generic approach to connectivity makes the TrackPoint Mobile ideal for integrating into new and existing systems.

  • Solar and Primary Battery Options
  • Motion Sensor
  • 1 Sensor Input (3.3V level)
  • CAT-M1 Cellular Link
  • 50 x 2.63 x 2.05 Inches
Part Number Description
TPM-1A-00-00-N01-000 TrackPoint Mobile with LTE card, internal LTE and GPS antennas, primary battery
TPM-1A-00-00-N02-000 TrackPoint Mobile with LTE card, internal LTE and GPS antennas, solar charging

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