Nexcomm Systems was born out of the long history and experience of Fleet Metrix. Fleet Metrix brings over 20 years of experience in telematics, RFID, electronics manufacturing and systems integration. With a very strong background in embedded systems and cellular connectivity, Fleet Metrix has developed dozens of products for connecting mobile vehicles and has thousands of devices in the field. Many of these devices are still in continuous operation after more than 10 years.

With the explosion of IoT, the company realized that its embedded systems and connectivity solutions combined with the control and monitoring software it developed would create a complete solution with wide application across markets. Nexcomm Systems was spun off to focus on the large IoT marketplace while Fleet Metrix continues to focus on telematics and engine-mounted equipment.

Nexcomm Systems was formally founded in 2019 and launched a series of systems designed to meet the needs of real-world applications. There is no one-size-fits-all solution in IoT, so our systems are designed to adapt to the needs of our customers. With a few standardized building blocks, we can assemble a system tailored to a specific application without doing a fully custom design. This saves an enormous amount of time, money and effort while still meeting all of the needs of the application.