At Nexcomm Systems we have developed a wide array of hardware and software technology blocks that we use to create a system. We have developed “bundled” solutions that combine certain blocks in a way that meets the needs of specific applications. These bundles include hardware, firmware, cellular air time and a software template on our cloud platform tailored to the application. This offers a ready-to-go solution that can be up and running very quickly.

We have bundled hardware and software technologies into complete solutions for applications in many industries.

Agricultural Solutions

Our agricultural solutions are designed for long-term use outdoors exposed to the elements. These are ruggedized and sealed, making them ideal for irrigation, chemigation, crop monitoring and many more.

Pumping Solutions

We developed our pumping solutions with the specific needs of this application in mind. From the rugged enclosures to the types and number of I/O, we poured our decades of experience in pumping applications into creating a product we always wished we had. This is ideal for wastewater lift stations, swimming pool monitoring and pumping, filter stations and more.

Mobile / Engine-Mounted Solutions

Our mobile and vehicular solutions are designed for typical engine-mounted environments with 12-36V power supply and protected against load dump surge events. Housed in rugged enclosures, they are ideal for vehicle telematics, heavy equipment tracking and monitoring, trailer locating and monitoring, and CAN bus to cloud applications.

Commercial Solutions

Our commercial solutions are designed for indoor, light use applications where price is more important than ruggedness. Supporting a wide array of wireless technologies, they are ideal for remote sensor monitoring, HVAC systems, commercial IoT and office or factory automation.