ConnectPoint products create a Wi-Fi HaLow to Ethernet and RS-485 bridge. They extend and replace communications cables with a long-range wireless link. They use Wi-Fi HaLow to extend Ethernet and RS-485 networks up to 1 mile (depending on data rate and antennas). This eliminates the cost of running cables over long distances or to hard-to-reach locations. Communication is local, with no cloud connectivity or recurring charges.

The devices do not decode or interpret the data in any way. Any data presented to one side is simply passed to the other side. This enables the ConnectPoint products to be used with any protocol that uses Ethernet or RS-485 as the physical transport layer.

An AccessPoint acts as the hub of the network and supports multiple Stations on the network, similar to traditional Ethernet and multi-drop RS-485. Setting up the network is as simple as pressing a button on both devices. They automatically find each other, pass credentials, and establish secure communications.

Wi-Fi HaLow builds upon the decades of success of the Wi-Fi protocol, but brings it to a lower frequency band for longer range and better signal penetration through obstacles in the environment. It supports the latest WPA3 encryption to secure the connection. For more information on Wi-Fi HaLow, see this article.

Housed in IP66 enclosures, the ConnectPoint products are designed for harsh industrial and outdoor environments. Plug-and-play installation makes the ConnectPoint Wi-Fi HaLow to Ethernet and RS-485 bridge ideal for cable replacement in applications such as factory automation, industrial controls and system monitoring.

Wi-Fi HaLow to Ethernet and RS-485 Bridge for cable replacement and range extension in industrial wireless networks

ConnectPoint Products

Wi-Fi HaLow Access Point for Ethernet and RS-485 Cable Replacement

The ConnectPoint AP access point serves as the heart of the ConnectPoint system. It establishes the HaLow network and controls the network parameters. It connects to a ConnectPoint Station or another ConnectPoint AP either individually or simultaneously. One ConnectPoint AP is required in every network.

Wi-Fi HaLow Ethernet and RS-485 Bridge for Cable Replacement

The ConnectPoint Station is an end point in the HaLow network. It bridges a HaLow network with RS-485 and Ethernet networks, automatically passing data between the two networks. It communicates with a ConnectPoint AP to act as a cable replacement between the two devices.