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Connect, Monitor, Control

Nexcomm Systems develops solutions for connecting devices to the cloud for monitoring and control. We offer the complete system; from node to cloud to reports and visualizations. With systems tailored to different applications, environments and price points, we have a solution for you.

Industrial cellular gateways and sensor hubs

An integrated system consisting of a central cellular gateway and a variety of sensor node options connected over a wireless network.

EdgePoint Rugged Cellular Sensor Hubs

Self-contained industrial cellular gateways that connect directly to sensors and devices and report their status to the Cloud.

Rugged Wi-Fi HaLow to Ethernet and RS-485 bridges for long-range (up to 1 mile) data transfer.

Connectivity solutions for the IoT and beyond

Nexcomm Systems provides the complete solution to get data from a node to the cloud. Gateways and sensor hubs with wired and wireless connections to sensors and devices. Cellular air time with major carriers both in North America and globally. Cloud services for provisioning devices, data storage, visualizations and reports. We are a one-stop shop for remote monitoring and control.

Tailored solutions for a standard price

We have taken a modular approach to our system and developed a wide array of standard hardware and software “technology blocks”. This allows our customers to pick the things they need for their application without the cost and time of a custom development.

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