There is no one-size-fits-all solution in IoT, so our systems are designed to adapt to the needs of our customers. Our industrial cellular gateways and sensor hubs connect to external sensors through standard ports, such as 4-20mA, 0-10V and Dallas 1-Wire. They connect to digital devices with RS-485, Modbus, RS-232, Ethernet, USB and I2C. A variety of wireless options are available, such as Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi HaLow, Bluetooth, Thread and a long-range 900MHz solution.

All of our devices connect to the Cloud with CAT-1 or CAT-M1 cellular modems. These are designed for lower power IoT applications while still supporting data rates that are high enough to meet the needs of real-time monitoring.

We offer two types of systems. EdgePoint products connect directly to sensors and are designed for stand-alone operation in specific types of applications. They are a combination of cellular gateway and sensor hub. They connect directly to a variety of sensors and report their values directly to the cloud. They types and number of inputs varies with product.

The Nexus System is an integrated system of a central industrial cellular gateway and a variety of SensePoint wireless sensor hubs and nodes that are added. The nodes are chosen to add whatever functionality is required by the application without adding a lot of cost in features that are not needed. This a-la-carte approach tailors the system to a specific application without requiring a fully custom design.

All of our industrial cellular gateways and sensor hubs are ruggedized for harsh industrial and outdoor environments. Also, they are designed with ease of installation and use in mind. Combined with our air time and optional website hosting packages, these systems are a one stop shop for industrial IoT systems.

Industrial cellular gateways and sensor hubs

An integrated system consisting of a central cellular gateway and a variety of sensor nodes connected over a wireless network.

EdgePoint Rugged Cellular Sensor Hubs

Self-contained industrial cellular gateways that connect directly to sensors and devices and report their status to the Cloud.