Nexcomm Systems provides the complete solution, from the node to the cloud and to the visualizations and reporting. It is a one-stop shop with some key advantages.

From being a one-stop shop to a variety of interfaces to a modular approach to design, our solutions have some key advantages.

Modular wireless connections – There is no one-size-fits-all wireless solution for the IoT. There are several wireless protocols in use on the market and each one was designed for a particular application with a particular set of goals and constraints. Nexcomm Systems gateways and edge computers are designed with card slots to accept cards that have different radio technologies. This allows the system to support any radio technology (including proprietary protocols) without having to limit it to just a couple or all of them at once. This allows the system to use the protocol that best fits the end application.

Cellular air time is included – The systems that include cellular connectivity are bundled with air time. There is no need to go out and find another re-seller. Nexcomm Systems offers web-based activations and renewal for a single up-front cost rather than recurring a monthly charge.  This increases efficiency as it does not require resources to manage the monthly payments. Automated emails are sent when data limits are approached and when it is time to renew.

Cloud hosting is included – The Nexcomm Systems cloud services are bundled with the systems as an up-front cost for a certain duration rather than a monthly recurring charge. This makes the payments easier to manage and budget. The cloud services include the full suite; connectivity, database, reports and visualizations. The reports and visualizations can be customized and linked to corporate systems to maintain corporate branding. It is also possible to push the data from our connectivity servers to cloud services owned by our customers. It is necessary for the devices to talk to our connectivity servers to maintain the security of the cloud connectivity link.

Standard application bundles – Nexcomm Systems offers ready-made bundles that includes hardware, firmware loads, air time and a cloud software template for many typical applications. This provides our customers a complete system that they can jump into, or a starting point for tweaks that will get them exactly what they want.

Custom solutions – While Nexcomm Systems offers many ready-made solutions, we can create custom solutions as well. This can be relatively simple, such as a different bundle of technology blocks we already have to creating completely new technology blocks. Time and cost depend on the details, so contact us to start the discussion.