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Thanks for visiting us at Sensors Converge 2023! We manufacture cellular gateways and sensor hubs that make it easier than ever to connect your devices to the Cloud for monitoring and control. We also offer optional Cloud services for displaying, reporting, and alerting on your data.

Wi-Fi HaLow

The highlight of our exhibit this year is our new ConnectPoint system of Wi-Fi HaLow Access Points and stand-alone Stations. We believe that HaLow is going to make a big impact in industrial wireless connectivity and we are making it easy to implement. See below for more information on our ConnectPoint products.

Wi-Fi HaLow Ethernet and RS-485 range extenders and cable replacement for industrial applications

Nexcomm Products

In addition to our new ConnectPoint products, we also have our Nexus industrial cellular gateways with the SensePoint sensor hubs. Also, our EdgePoint outdoor rated cellular gateways and sensor hubs.

Industrial cellular gateways and sensor hubs

An integrated system consisting of a central cellular gateway and a variety of sensor node options connected over a wireless network.

EdgePoint Rugged Cellular Sensor Hubs

Self-contained industrial cellular gateways that connect directly to sensors and devices and report their status to the Cloud.

We are here to answer any questions you may have. Thanks again for visiting!