The SensePoint Industrial wireless sensor hub combines the readings from multiple sensors and wirelessly sends them to a cellular gateway for transmission to the cloud. From there, the data is graphed, analyzed and acted upon. It has twelve inputs for sensors. These include four 4-20mA analog inputs, four 0-24V analog inputs, and four digital on/off inputs that can accept up to 24V. Also, it has a single Dallas 1-Wire channel for digital sensors.

The SensePoint Industrial connects wirelessly to a Nexus Industrial or Nexus Panel gateway for communication with cloud servers. This wireless link is a long-range 900MHz or an 802.15.4 radio using a version of the Thread protocol. The SensePoint Industrial is configured in the cloud from a web page. The configuration data is sent to the SensePoint through the gateway and over the radio. The website is accessed from anywhere, so no special programming software or cables are needed. This makes the hub very generic and able to accept many different kinds of sensors. The wireless link to the gateway eliminates the need to install data cables.

Power and data are on M8 connectors, providing a rugged watertight connection. A wide 9 to 48VDC power supply supports the power ranges that are already present on most industrial equipment and vehicles.

SensePoint Industrial wireless sensor hub is housed in an IP67/68 diecast aluminum enclosure.  This makes it rugged for harsh industrial and outdoor environments. An integrated mounting flange makes installation simple into new and existing systems. The SensePoint Industrial wireless sensor hub is ideal for many kinds of industrial sensing and telemetry systems.

  • 9-50VDC
  • 4 4-20mA inputs
  • 4 0-24V analog inputs
  • 4 0-48V digital inputs
  • 1 Dallas 1-Wire Channel
  • 14 x 4.90 x 1.59 Inches
  • Diecast Aluminum Enclosure
  • Rated to IP67 / IP68
Part Number Description
SPI-6B-00-00-E01-000 SensePoint Industrial with Thread, standard external antenna

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