The EdgePoint Industrial is an industrial cellular sensor hub and gateway designed for 110 / 220VAC systems that need to monitor a large number of inputs. It has 16 digital on / off 110 / 220VAC inputs, two 12VDC inputs, one 4-20mA input and three relay outputs. In addition, it has three inputs that are either 1V current transformers or 4-20mA inputs, based on switch selections. Ten digital output current sinks can be used to activate external relays, lights or horns.

The EdgePoint Industrial also includes digital communications channels, such as RS-232, RS-485, Dallas 1-Wire, and Ethernet. This allows it to be connected to a wide variety of controllers, PLCs, sensors and other devices.

The EdgePoint Industrial supports a variety of wireless protocols, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy (5.2), Thread, Wi-Fi HaLow and a long-range 900MHz link.

A CAT-1 cellular modem connects the EdgePoint Industrial to cloud servers with a data rate that is high enough to support most Internet of Things (IoT) applications. This also integrates GPS into the gateway to provide positioning services.

Nexcomm Systems offers cloud services to maintain the data, generate reports and visualizations and send alerts and alarms through text, email and voice. However, these services are optional and the Nexcomm system can forward the data to a customer’s existing cloud services.

Housed in an IP67 enclosure, the EdgePoint Industrial cellular sensor hub and gateway is ruggedized for harsh industrial and outdoor environments. This makes it very simple to add monitoring to industrial IoT applications such as wastewater lift stations, pumps, pools, fountains and many others.

  • 110VAC or 12VDC
  • 3 card slots
  • 16 AC Inputs
  • 3 double throw relay outputs
  • 1 RS-485 Channel
  • 2 RS-232 Channels
  • 10 Digital Sinks
  • 4 Analog Inputs (1x 4-20mA, 3x 4-20mA or 330mV)
  • 1 10/100 Ethernet Connection
  • 1 Dallas 1-Wire Channel
  • Wi-Fi b/g/n
  • CAT-1 Cellular Modem
  • GPS
Part Number Description
EPI-1B-00-00-I01-000 12-24V EdgePoint Industrial with LTE card, external LTE and internal GPS antennas, internal Wi-Fi antenna
EPI-1B-00-00-I02-000 120V EdgePoint Industrial with LTE card, external LTE and internal GPS antennas, internal Wi-Fi antenna

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