The antenna is a critical piece to the operation of any wireless device. The type of antenna and its installation have a dramatic effect on the system’s performance. Therefore, it is critical to consider the antenna early in the development cycle. Nexcomm Systems does not manufacture antennas, but we have a long history with different types of antennas from many manufacturers. The antennas listed below have been used with Nexcomm Systems products and have been found to work well.

Cellular Antennas

Picture Manufacturer Part Number
Linx Technologies ANT-LTE-VDP-2000-SMA
Linx Technologies ANT-LTE-HDP-2000-SMA
JC Antenna JCG410L
Data Alliance ALO5SMA

2.4GHz Antennas for Thread, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi

Picture Manufacturer Part Number
Linx Technologies ANT-2.4-ID-2000-RPS
Linx Technologies ANT-2.4-CW-HWR-RPS
Linx Technologies ANT-2.4-LCW-RPS
JC Antenna JCW402
JC Antenna JCW040

900MHz for Wi-Fi HaLow and Proprietary 900MHz

Picture Manufacturer Part Number
Linx Technologies ANT-900-ID-2000-RPS
Linx Technologies ANT-900-CW-HWR-RPS
Linx Technologies ANT-8/9-VDP-2000-RPS
Linx Technologies ANT-8/9-HDP-2000-RPS